QR External Verification Demo

Know who:

Make the booking, rent the car or house, come to you work, or order the 18+ product.

Customers now arrange everything themselves online. Rental car, hotel room, shopping, booking a trip, we do everything via smartphone or laptop. It is then It is very important that you as a provider have a good idea of who the customer is purchase your products or services.

ID Sugarfree takes the uncertainty for granted entrepreneurs away. Know Your Customer safe onboarding with an app and a QR code is the solution. Fast, safe and economical. The (online) customer downloads our app and the customer receives from you a unique QR code or link. By opening this personalized link turns the smartphone into a scanner. The customer uses this to scan the requested item proof of identity and we check it for validity and authenticity. Also makes the customer takes a selfie that is automatically verified with the photo on it document. You will receive the results of the test from us in a secure environment checks. We can also provide you with legally permitted personal data so that you or the customer do not have to enter it manually.

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Generate unique QR code by click the button

Would you like to try it yourself? Download the app and After installation, press the purple “Generate QR code” button. Choose the type document you want to verify and follow the instructions in the app.

In this demo environment you will see your own data back. We show you the maximum results so that users in every industry can see the possibilities. In one sector you can see more than in the other, that's why we show as many results as possible. If you have the If you click away from the demo, it will be deleted from our servers.