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ID Sugarfree is a service for reading and verifying the authenticity of different types of identity documents. We provide a Multi-function ID verification API and SDK to verify physical documents.

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OCR technology can extract any data from any image of an identity document, reducing or completely replacing manual data entry


MRZ is machine-readable characters that convey personal data, and there is a value at the end of these characters, known as a checksum, which helps detect forgery

FACE matching

FACE matching supports facial recognition by matching the document photo with a selfie for photo verification of new or regular customer

RFID reading

RFID reading is unlocking and extracting RFID chip information to get valuable information about a document and its owner

Document verification

Document verification authenticates a document using two types: passive (PA) and active (AA)

Age check

Checking the age of the document holder and comparing data with existing restrictions

About Our Platform

Modern digital technologies for working with documents

If you actively use identification documents in your business, then you have probably come across a slow processing speed of such documents and all kinds of fraud cases. Our platform provides a system that will help you speed up the processing of documents and avoid fraud cases using the following algorithm:

The camera in the smartphone scans the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). Then the app gets access to the NFC chip that is inside the document. The NFC chip shows the biographical and biometric information of the document holder. The personal information of the client is displayed after security checks like: active authentication (via cross-check of private and public keys inside the chip) and passive authentication (via digital signatures and public keys).

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Document reading


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